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Welcome to Rusty Feathers! My name is Sarah Zagacki. Here you will find an archive of my artwork, which focuses largely on wordplay and wildlife, especially birds of prey.

i have a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a double concentration in graphic design & drawing, and have a day job as an art director for a professional candy magazine. i lived in Detroit for 5 years while going to Wayne State, and now live on the Detroit border in Ferndale with my fiance Justin, and quirky lab mix, Calvin. i love baking, biking, and nature. Detroit continues to influence me, and as a board member for Detroit Dog Park, i try to stay active in the community.

i decided on the name "rusty feathers" because A // i thought it would be easier to remember than 'Zagacki,' and 2 // i'm pretty crazy about red-tailed hawks. The red-tailed hawk represents a theme in my wildlife artwork. It can adapt and thrive anywhere, from the edge of a field to the edge of Central Park in the heart of NYC. i feel it represents me well.

Every year i am a vendor for Hawkfest - a wildlife migration event - at Lake Erie Metropark.

This site and the t-shirts, stickers and buttons i create are my way of connecting with people over shared loves and ideas. Art is about connections. i hope i've made one with you!


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